AVR Bootloader (avrboot cleanup)
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  1. @echo off
  2. rem Use avrdude as programming-software with the AVRProg compatible bootloader
  3. rem Martin Thomas, 2006
  4. rem Verfiy that the bootloader is configured with #define DEVTYPE DEVTYPE_ISP
  5. rem since it seems that avrdude does not work with "Boot" device-types and needs
  6. rem ISP device-types (at least in version 5.1 as in WinAVR 4/06)
  7. set HEXFILE=cansniffer.hex
  8. set PROGRAMMER=avr109
  9. set PORT=com2
  10. set BAUD=19200
  11. set PART=atmega32
  12. rem * disable safemode - bootloader can not "restore" fuses anyway
  13. set DIS_SAVE=-u
  14. avrdude %DIS_SAVE% -p %PART% -P %PORT% -c %PROGRAMMER% -b %BAUD% -v -U flash:w:%HEXFILE%
  15. rem pause