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#ifndef _LINEBUFFER_H_
#define _LINEBUFFER_H_
#include <stdarg.h>
struct linebuffer {
unsigned int size;
unsigned int pos;
char *newline;
char *data;
struct linebuffer * create_linebuffer(int size);
void linebuffer_free(struct linebuffer *buf);
int linebuffer_clear(struct linebuffer *buf);
int linebuffer_readfd(struct linebuffer *buf, int fd);
int linebuffer_parsefd(struct linebuffer *buf, int fd);
int linebuffer_writefd(struct linebuffer *buf, int fd);
int linebuffer_put(struct linebuffer *buf, const char *src, unsigned int size);
int linebuffer_vprintf(struct linebuffer *buf, const char *fmt, va_list ap);
int linebuffer_printf(struct linebuffer *buf, const char *fmt, ...);
char * linebuffer_getline(struct linebuffer *buf, int *len);
int linebuffer_freeline(struct linebuffer *buf);
#endif /* _LINEBUFFER_H_ */