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#ifndef _MULTIBOOT_H_
#define _MULTIBOOT_H_
#include <stdint.h>
#include "filedata.h"
struct multiboot
struct multiboot_ops *ops;
void *privdata;
int verify;
void (* progress_cb)(const char *msg, int pos, int max);
struct multiboot_ops
const char * exec_name;
struct multiboot * (* alloc)(void);
void (* free)(struct multiboot *mboot);
int (* get_memtype)(struct multiboot *mboot, const char *memname);
uint32_t (* get_memsize)(struct multiboot *mboot, int memtype);
int (* open)(struct multiboot *mboot);
int (* close)(struct multiboot *mboot);
int (* read)(struct multiboot *mboot, struct databuf *dbuf, int memtype);
int (* verify)(struct multiboot *mboot, struct databuf *dbuf, int memtype);
int (* write)(struct multiboot *mboot, struct databuf *dbuf, int memtype);
extern struct multiboot_ops twi_ops;
extern struct multiboot_ops mpm_ops;
extern struct multiboot_ops funk_ops;
extern struct multiboot_ops eprog_ops;
extern struct multiboot_ops butterfly_ops;
#endif /* _MULTIBOOT_H_ */