QNAP-TS419p system daemon
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#ifndef _LCD_H_
#define _LCD_H_
#define LCD_EVENT_INIT 0x00 /* lcd initialized */
#define LCD_EVENT_UPDATE 0x01 /* update data */
#define LCD_EVENT_BUTTON1 0x02 /* button1 pressed */
#define LCD_EVENT_BUTTON2 0x03 /* button2 pressed */
#define LCD_EVENT_BACKLIGHT 0x04 /* backlight timeout */
struct lcddev; /* private data */
struct lcddev * lcd_open(const char *device,
int (*event_callback)(struct lcddev *dev, int event, void *privdata),
void *event_privdata);
void lcd_close(struct lcddev *dev);
void lcd_reset(struct lcddev *dev);
#define LCD_BACKLIGHT_ON (-1)
int lcd_trigger_backlight(struct lcddev *dev, int timeout);
int lcd_setlines(struct lcddev *dev, int scrollspeed, const char *line1, const char *line2);
#endif /* _LCD_H_ */