MPM controlled 16ch RGB LED dimmer
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6 months ago
  1. rgb16mpm is a 16 channel RGB dimmer based on AVR mega32
  2. - 16 channels with ~100mA PNP open collector outputs. 8bit software PWM per channel.
  3. - 4 channels with 3A N-MOSFET open drain outputs (for R/G/B, one FET not used)
  4. - AVR Mega32 running from 8MHz internal RC
  5. - serial RS485 connection, using MPM mode (addressable bus) at 115200 baud
  6. - uses mpmboot as bootloader, but can also compiled as standalone project
  7. - schematic and board layout
  8. designed for 12V rgb stripes.
  9. resistors on the stripes must be replaced with smaller ones.