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pidctrl.[ch] & fixed.[ch]

Olaf Rempel 12 years ago
6 changed files with 521 additions and 8 deletions
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include/fixed.h View File

@@ -0,0 +1,34 @@
#ifndef _FIXED_H_
#define _FIXED_H_

#include <stdint.h>

typedef int32_t fixed;

fixed itofix(int x);
int fixtoi(fixed x);

fixed ftofix(double x);
double fixtof(fixed x);

fixed fadd(fixed x, fixed y);
fixed fsub(fixed x, fixed y);
fixed fmul(fixed x, fixed y);
fixed fdiv(fixed x, fixed y);

const fixed fixtorad_r;
const fixed radtofix_r;

fixed fcos(fixed x);
fixed fsin(fixed x);
fixed ftan(fixed x);

fixed facos(fixed x);
fixed fasin(fixed x);
fixed fatan(fixed x);

fixed fatan2(fixed y, fixed x);

fixed fsqrt(fixed n);

#endif /* _FIXED_H_ */

+ 25
- 0
include/pidctrl.h View File

@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
#ifndef _PIDCTRL_H_
#define _PIDCTRL_H_

#include <stdint.h>

struct pid_data {
int32_t kp;

int32_t ta;

int32_t ki;
int32_t err_sum;
int32_t err_sum_max;
int32_t err_sum_min;

int32_t kd;
int32_t err_old;

int32_t out_max;
int32_t out_min;

int32_t pid_ctrl(struct pid_data *pid, int32_t error);

#endif /* _PIDCTRL_H_ */

+ 13
- 5
main.c View File

@@ -58,10 +58,6 @@ static uint32_t pitc_test(struct pitc_timer *timer)
static uint8_t data[4] = { 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 };
@@ -69,10 +65,22 @@ static uint32_t pitc_test(struct pitc_timer *timer)
static struct pitc_timer pitc_test_timer = {
.interval = 20,
.interval = 100,
.func = &pitc_test,
static void motor_mixer(int16_t pitch, int16_t nick, int16_t roll, int16_t yaw)
static uint8_t pwm[4];
pwm[0] = pitch + nick + yaw;
pwm[1] = pitch - nick + yaw;
pwm[2] = pitch + roll - yaw;
pwm[3] = pitch - roll - yaw;
int main(void)
/* LED outputs */

+ 6
- 3
src/at91_adc.c View File

@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@
#include "at91_adc.h"
#include "at91_pitc.h"

#include "fixed.h"

#define ADC_CAL_COUNT 1024

static uint16_t adc_tmp[7];
@@ -90,9 +92,10 @@ static struct pitc_timer adc_cal_timer = {

void adc_trigger(void)
printf("R:%4d N:%4d Y:%4d R:%4d N:%4d Y:%4d U:%4d\n\r",
adc_result[ADC_GYRO_ROLL], adc_result[ADC_GYRO_NICK], adc_result[ADC_GYRO_YAW],
adc_result[ADC_ACC_ROLL], adc_result[ADC_ACC_NICK], adc_result[ADC_ACC_YAW],
printf("R:%4d:%4d N:%4d:%4d Y:%4d:%4d U:%4d\n\r",
adc_result[ADC_GYRO_ROLL], adc_result[ADC_ACC_ROLL],
adc_result[ADC_GYRO_NICK], adc_result[ADC_ACC_NICK],
adc_result[ADC_GYRO_YAW], adc_result[ADC_ACC_YAW],


+ 389
- 0
src/fixed.c View File

@@ -0,0 +1,389 @@
#include <stdint.h>

#include "fixed.h"

#if 0
fixed itofix(int x)
return x << 16;

int fixtoi(fixed x)
return (x >> 16) + ((x & 0x8000) >> 15);

fixed ftofix(double x)
if (x > 32767.0) {
// errno = ERANGE;
return 0x7FFFFFFF;

if (x < -32768.0) {
// errno = ERANGE;
return -0x80000000;

return (fixed)(x * 65536.0 + (x < 0 ? -0.5 : 0.5));

double fixtof(fixed x)
return (double)x / 65536.0;

fixed fadd(fixed x, fixed y)
return x + y;

fixed fsub(fixed x, fixed y)
return x - y;

fixed fmul(fixed x, fixed y)
int64_t tmp = (int64_t)x * (int64_t)y;
return (fixed)(tmp >> 16);

fixed fdiv(fixed x, fixed y)
int64_t tmp = ((int64_t)x) << 32;
return (fixed)((tmp / y) >> 16);

/* Ratios for converting between radians and fixed point angles. */
const fixed fixtorad_r = (fixed)1608; /* 2pi/256 */
const fixed radtofix_r = (fixed)2670177; /* 256/2pi */

/* precalculated fixed point (16.16) cosines for a full circle (0-255) */
static const fixed _cos_tbl[512] = {
65536L, 65531L, 65516L, 65492L, 65457L, 65413L, 65358L, 65294L,
65220L, 65137L, 65043L, 64940L, 64827L, 64704L, 64571L, 64429L,
64277L, 64115L, 63944L, 63763L, 63572L, 63372L, 63162L, 62943L,
62714L, 62476L, 62228L, 61971L, 61705L, 61429L, 61145L, 60851L,
60547L, 60235L, 59914L, 59583L, 59244L, 58896L, 58538L, 58172L,
57798L, 57414L, 57022L, 56621L, 56212L, 55794L, 55368L, 54934L,
54491L, 54040L, 53581L, 53114L, 52639L, 52156L, 51665L, 51166L,
50660L, 50146L, 49624L, 49095L, 48559L, 48015L, 47464L, 46906L,
46341L, 45769L, 45190L, 44604L, 44011L, 43412L, 42806L, 42194L,
41576L, 40951L, 40320L, 39683L, 39040L, 38391L, 37736L, 37076L,
36410L, 35738L, 35062L, 34380L, 33692L, 33000L, 32303L, 31600L,
30893L, 30182L, 29466L, 28745L, 28020L, 27291L, 26558L, 25821L,
25080L, 24335L, 23586L, 22834L, 22078L, 21320L, 20557L, 19792L,
19024L, 18253L, 17479L, 16703L, 15924L, 15143L, 14359L, 13573L,
12785L, 11996L, 11204L, 10411L, 9616L, 8820L, 8022L, 7224L,
6424L, 5623L, 4821L, 4019L, 3216L, 2412L, 1608L, 804L,
0L, -803L, -1607L, -2411L, -3215L, -4018L, -4820L, -5622L,
-6423L, -7223L, -8021L, -8819L, -9615L, -10410L, -11203L, -11995L,
-12784L, -13572L, -14358L, -15142L, -15923L, -16702L, -17478L, -18252L,
-19023L, -19791L, -20556L, -21319L, -22077L, -22833L, -23585L, -24334L,
-25079L, -25820L, -26557L, -27290L, -28019L, -28744L, -29465L, -30181L,
-30892L, -31599L, -32302L, -32999L, -33691L, -34379L, -35061L, -35737L,
-36409L, -37075L, -37735L, -38390L, -39039L, -39682L, -40319L, -40950L,
-41575L, -42193L, -42805L, -43411L, -44010L, -44603L, -45189L, -45768L,
-46340L, -46905L, -47463L, -48014L, -48558L, -49094L, -49623L, -50145L,
-50659L, -51165L, -51664L, -52155L, -52638L, -53113L, -53580L, -54039L,
-54490L, -54933L, -55367L, -55793L, -56211L, -56620L, -57021L, -57413L,
-57797L, -58171L, -58537L, -58895L, -59243L, -59582L, -59913L, -60234L,
-60546L, -60850L, -61144L, -61428L, -61704L, -61970L, -62227L, -62475L,
-62713L, -62942L, -63161L, -63371L, -63571L, -63762L, -63943L, -64114L,
-64276L, -64428L, -64570L, -64703L, -64826L, -64939L, -65042L, -65136L,
-65219L, -65293L, -65357L, -65412L, -65456L, -65491L, -65515L, -65530L,
-65536L, -65530L, -65515L, -65491L, -65456L, -65412L, -65357L, -65293L,
-65219L, -65136L, -65042L, -64939L, -64826L, -64703L, -64570L, -64428L,
-64276L, -64114L, -63943L, -63762L, -63571L, -63371L, -63161L, -62942L,
-62713L, -62475L, -62227L, -61970L, -61704L, -61428L, -61144L, -60850L,
-60546L, -60234L, -59913L, -59582L, -59243L, -58895L, -58537L, -58171L,
-57797L, -57413L, -57021L, -56620L, -56211L, -55793L, -55367L, -54933L,
-54490L, -54039L, -53580L, -53113L, -52638L, -52155L, -51664L, -51165L,
-50659L, -50145L, -49623L, -49094L, -48558L, -48014L, -47463L, -46905L,
-46340L, -45768L, -45189L, -44603L, -44010L, -43411L, -42805L, -42193L,
-41575L, -40950L, -40319L, -39682L, -39039L, -38390L, -37735L, -37075L,
-36409L, -35737L, -35061L, -34379L, -33691L, -32999L, -32302L, -31599L,
-30892L, -30181L, -29465L, -28744L, -28019L, -27290L, -26557L, -25820L,
-25079L, -24334L, -23585L, -22833L, -22077L, -21319L, -20556L, -19791L,
-19023L, -18252L, -17478L, -16702L, -15923L, -15142L, -14358L, -13572L,
-12784L, -11995L, -11203L, -10410L, -9615L, -8819L, -8021L, -7223L,
-6423L, -5622L, -4820L, -4018L, -3215L, -2411L, -1607L, -803L,
0L, 804L, 1608L, 2412L, 3216L, 4019L, 4821L, 5623L,
6424L, 7224L, 8022L, 8820L, 9616L, 10411L, 11204L, 11996L,
12785L, 13573L, 14359L, 15143L, 15924L, 16703L, 17479L, 18253L,
19024L, 19792L, 20557L, 21320L, 22078L, 22834L, 23586L, 24335L,
25080L, 25821L, 26558L, 27291L, 28020L, 28745L, 29466L, 30182L,
30893L, 31600L, 32303L, 33000L, 33692L, 34380L, 35062L, 35738L,
36410L, 37076L, 37736L, 38391L, 39040L, 39683L, 40320L, 40951L,
41576L, 42194L, 42806L, 43412L, 44011L, 44604L, 45190L, 45769L,
46341L, 46906L, 47464L, 48015L, 48559L, 49095L, 49624L, 50146L,
50660L, 51166L, 51665L, 52156L, 52639L, 53114L, 53581L, 54040L,
54491L, 54934L, 55368L, 55794L, 56212L, 56621L, 57022L, 57414L,
57798L, 58172L, 58538L, 58896L, 59244L, 59583L, 59914L, 60235L,
60547L, 60851L, 61145L, 61429L, 61705L, 61971L, 62228L, 62476L,
62714L, 62943L, 63162L, 63372L, 63572L, 63763L, 63944L, 64115L,
64277L, 64429L, 64571L, 64704L, 64827L, 64940L, 65043L, 65137L,
65220L, 65294L, 65358L, 65413L, 65457L, 65492L, 65516L, 65531L

/* precalculated fixed point (16.16) tangents for a half circle (0-127) */
static const fixed _tan_tbl[256] = {
0L, 804L, 1609L, 2414L, 3220L, 4026L, 4834L, 5644L,
6455L, 7268L, 8083L, 8901L, 9721L, 10545L, 11372L, 12202L,
13036L, 13874L, 14717L, 15564L, 16416L, 17273L, 18136L, 19005L,
19880L, 20762L, 21650L, 22546L, 23449L, 24360L, 25280L, 26208L,
27146L, 28093L, 29050L, 30018L, 30996L, 31986L, 32988L, 34002L,
35030L, 36071L, 37126L, 38196L, 39281L, 40382L, 41500L, 42636L,
43790L, 44963L, 46156L, 47369L, 48605L, 49863L, 51145L, 52451L,
53784L, 55144L, 56532L, 57950L, 59398L, 60880L, 62395L, 63947L,
65536L, 67165L, 68835L, 70548L, 72308L, 74116L, 75974L, 77887L,
79856L, 81885L, 83977L, 86135L, 88365L, 90670L, 93054L, 95523L,
98082L, 100736L, 103493L, 106358L, 109340L, 112447L, 115687L, 119071L,
122609L, 126314L, 130198L, 134276L, 138564L, 143081L, 147847L, 152884L,
158218L, 163878L, 169896L, 176309L, 183161L, 190499L, 198380L, 206870L,
216043L, 225990L, 236817L, 248648L, 261634L, 275959L, 291845L, 309568L,
329472L, 351993L, 377693L, 407305L, 441808L, 482534L, 531352L, 590958L,
665398L, 761030L, 888450L, 1066730L, 1334016L, 1779314L, 2669641L, 5340086L,
-2147483647L, -5340085L, -2669640L, -1779313L, -1334015L, -1066729L, -888449L, -761029L,
-665397L, -590957L, -531351L, -482533L, -441807L, -407304L, -377692L, -351992L,
-329471L, -309567L, -291844L, -275958L, -261633L, -248647L, -236816L, -225989L,
-216042L, -206869L, -198379L, -190498L, -183160L, -176308L, -169895L, -163877L,
-158217L, -152883L, -147846L, -143080L, -138563L, -134275L, -130197L, -126313L,
-122608L, -119070L, -115686L, -112446L, -109339L, -106357L, -103492L, -100735L,
-98081L, -95522L, -93053L, -90669L, -88364L, -86134L, -83976L, -81884L,
-79855L, -77886L, -75973L, -74115L, -72307L, -70547L, -68834L, -67164L,
-65535L, -63946L, -62394L, -60879L, -59397L, -57949L, -56531L, -55143L,
-53783L, -52450L, -51144L, -49862L, -48604L, -47368L, -46155L, -44962L,
-43789L, -42635L, -41499L, -40381L, -39280L, -38195L, -37125L, -36070L,
-35029L, -34001L, -32987L, -31985L, -30995L, -30017L, -29049L, -28092L,
-27145L, -26207L, -25279L, -24359L, -23448L, -22545L, -21649L, -20761L,
-19879L, -19004L, -18135L, -17272L, -16415L, -15563L, -14716L, -13873L,
-13035L, -12201L, -11371L, -10544L, -9720L, -8900L, -8082L, -7267L,
-6454L, -5643L, -4833L, -4025L, -3219L, -2413L, -1608L, -803L

/* precalculated fixed point (16.16) inverse cosines (-1 to 1) */
static const fixed _acos_tbl[513] = {
0x800000L, 0x7C65C7L, 0x7AE75AL, 0x79C19EL, 0x78C9BEL, 0x77EF25L, 0x772953L, 0x76733AL,
0x75C991L, 0x752A10L, 0x74930CL, 0x740345L, 0x7379C1L, 0x72F5BAL, 0x72768FL, 0x71FBBCL,
0x7184D3L, 0x711174L, 0x70A152L, 0x703426L, 0x6FC9B5L, 0x6F61C9L, 0x6EFC36L, 0x6E98D1L,
0x6E3777L, 0x6DD805L, 0x6D7A5EL, 0x6D1E68L, 0x6CC40BL, 0x6C6B2FL, 0x6C13C1L, 0x6BBDAFL,
0x6B68E6L, 0x6B1558L, 0x6AC2F5L, 0x6A71B1L, 0x6A217EL, 0x69D251L, 0x698420L, 0x6936DFL,
0x68EA85L, 0x689F0AL, 0x685465L, 0x680A8DL, 0x67C17DL, 0x67792CL, 0x673194L, 0x66EAAFL,
0x66A476L, 0x665EE5L, 0x6619F5L, 0x65D5A2L, 0x6591E7L, 0x654EBFL, 0x650C26L, 0x64CA18L,
0x648890L, 0x64478CL, 0x640706L, 0x63C6FCL, 0x63876BL, 0x63484FL, 0x6309A5L, 0x62CB6AL,
0x628D9CL, 0x625037L, 0x621339L, 0x61D69FL, 0x619A68L, 0x615E90L, 0x612316L, 0x60E7F7L,
0x60AD31L, 0x6072C3L, 0x6038A9L, 0x5FFEE3L, 0x5FC56EL, 0x5F8C49L, 0x5F5372L, 0x5F1AE7L,
0x5EE2A7L, 0x5EAAB0L, 0x5E7301L, 0x5E3B98L, 0x5E0473L, 0x5DCD92L, 0x5D96F3L, 0x5D6095L,
0x5D2A76L, 0x5CF496L, 0x5CBEF2L, 0x5C898BL, 0x5C545EL, 0x5C1F6BL, 0x5BEAB0L, 0x5BB62DL,
0x5B81E1L, 0x5B4DCAL, 0x5B19E7L, 0x5AE638L, 0x5AB2BCL, 0x5A7F72L, 0x5A4C59L, 0x5A1970L,
0x59E6B6L, 0x59B42AL, 0x5981CCL, 0x594F9BL, 0x591D96L, 0x58EBBDL, 0x58BA0EL, 0x588889L,
0x58572DL, 0x5825FAL, 0x57F4EEL, 0x57C40AL, 0x57934DL, 0x5762B5L, 0x573243L, 0x5701F5L,
0x56D1CCL, 0x56A1C6L, 0x5671E4L, 0x564224L, 0x561285L, 0x55E309L, 0x55B3ADL, 0x558471L,
0x555555L, 0x552659L, 0x54F77BL, 0x54C8BCL, 0x549A1BL, 0x546B98L, 0x543D31L, 0x540EE7L,
0x53E0B9L, 0x53B2A7L, 0x5384B0L, 0x5356D4L, 0x532912L, 0x52FB6BL, 0x52CDDDL, 0x52A068L,
0x52730CL, 0x5245C9L, 0x52189EL, 0x51EB8BL, 0x51BE8FL, 0x5191AAL, 0x5164DCL, 0x513825L,
0x510B83L, 0x50DEF7L, 0x50B280L, 0x50861FL, 0x5059D2L, 0x502D99L, 0x500175L, 0x4FD564L,
0x4FA967L, 0x4F7D7DL, 0x4F51A6L, 0x4F25E2L, 0x4EFA30L, 0x4ECE90L, 0x4EA301L, 0x4E7784L,
0x4E4C19L, 0x4E20BEL, 0x4DF574L, 0x4DCA3AL, 0x4D9F10L, 0x4D73F6L, 0x4D48ECL, 0x4D1DF1L,
0x4CF305L, 0x4CC829L, 0x4C9D5AL, 0x4C729AL, 0x4C47E9L, 0x4C1D45L, 0x4BF2AEL, 0x4BC826L,
0x4B9DAAL, 0x4B733BL, 0x4B48D9L, 0x4B1E84L, 0x4AF43BL, 0x4AC9FEL, 0x4A9FCDL, 0x4A75A7L,
0x4A4B8DL, 0x4A217EL, 0x49F77AL, 0x49CD81L, 0x49A393L, 0x4979AFL, 0x494FD5L, 0x492605L,
0x48FC3FL, 0x48D282L, 0x48A8CFL, 0x487F25L, 0x485584L, 0x482BECL, 0x48025DL, 0x47D8D6L,
0x47AF57L, 0x4785E0L, 0x475C72L, 0x47330AL, 0x4709ABL, 0x46E052L, 0x46B701L, 0x468DB7L,
0x466474L, 0x463B37L, 0x461201L, 0x45E8D0L, 0x45BFA6L, 0x459682L, 0x456D64L, 0x45444BL,
0x451B37L, 0x44F229L, 0x44C920L, 0x44A01CL, 0x44771CL, 0x444E21L, 0x44252AL, 0x43FC38L,
0x43D349L, 0x43AA5FL, 0x438178L, 0x435894L, 0x432FB4L, 0x4306D8L, 0x42DDFEL, 0x42B527L,
0x428C53L, 0x426381L, 0x423AB2L, 0x4211E5L, 0x41E91AL, 0x41C051L, 0x41978AL, 0x416EC5L,
0x414601L, 0x411D3EL, 0x40F47CL, 0x40CBBBL, 0x40A2FBL, 0x407A3CL, 0x40517DL, 0x4028BEL,
0x400000L, 0x3FD742L, 0x3FAE83L, 0x3F85C4L, 0x3F5D05L, 0x3F3445L, 0x3F0B84L, 0x3EE2C2L,
0x3EB9FFL, 0x3E913BL, 0x3E6876L, 0x3E3FAFL, 0x3E16E6L, 0x3DEE1BL, 0x3DC54EL, 0x3D9C7FL,
0x3D73ADL, 0x3D4AD9L, 0x3D2202L, 0x3CF928L, 0x3CD04CL, 0x3CA76CL, 0x3C7E88L, 0x3C55A1L,
0x3C2CB7L, 0x3C03C8L, 0x3BDAD6L, 0x3BB1DFL, 0x3B88E4L, 0x3B5FE4L, 0x3B36E0L, 0x3B0DD7L,
0x3AE4C9L, 0x3ABBB5L, 0x3A929CL, 0x3A697EL, 0x3A405AL, 0x3A1730L, 0x39EDFFL, 0x39C4C9L,
0x399B8CL, 0x397249L, 0x3948FFL, 0x391FAEL, 0x38F655L, 0x38CCF6L, 0x38A38EL, 0x387A20L,
0x3850A9L, 0x38272AL, 0x37FDA3L, 0x37D414L, 0x37AA7CL, 0x3780DBL, 0x375731L, 0x372D7EL,
0x3703C1L, 0x36D9FBL, 0x36B02BL, 0x368651L, 0x365C6DL, 0x36327FL, 0x360886L, 0x35DE82L,
0x35B473L, 0x358A59L, 0x356033L, 0x353602L, 0x350BC5L, 0x34E17CL, 0x34B727L, 0x348CC5L,
0x346256L, 0x3437DAL, 0x340D52L, 0x33E2BBL, 0x33B817L, 0x338D66L, 0x3362A6L, 0x3337D7L,
0x330CFBL, 0x32E20FL, 0x32B714L, 0x328C0AL, 0x3260F0L, 0x3235C6L, 0x320A8CL, 0x31DF42L,
0x31B3E7L, 0x31887CL, 0x315CFFL, 0x313170L, 0x3105D0L, 0x30DA1EL, 0x30AE5AL, 0x308283L,
0x305699L, 0x302A9CL, 0x2FFE8BL, 0x2FD267L, 0x2FA62EL, 0x2F79E1L, 0x2F4D80L, 0x2F2109L,
0x2EF47DL, 0x2EC7DBL, 0x2E9B24L, 0x2E6E56L, 0x2E4171L, 0x2E1475L, 0x2DE762L, 0x2DBA37L,
0x2D8CF4L, 0x2D5F98L, 0x2D3223L, 0x2D0495L, 0x2CD6EEL, 0x2CA92CL, 0x2C7B50L, 0x2C4D59L,
0x2C1F47L, 0x2BF119L, 0x2BC2CFL, 0x2B9468L, 0x2B65E5L, 0x2B3744L, 0x2B0885L, 0x2AD9A7L,
0x2AAAABL, 0x2A7B8FL, 0x2A4C53L, 0x2A1CF7L, 0x29ED7BL, 0x29BDDCL, 0x298E1CL, 0x295E3AL,
0x292E34L, 0x28FE0BL, 0x28CDBDL, 0x289D4BL, 0x286CB3L, 0x283BF6L, 0x280B12L, 0x27DA06L,
0x27A8D3L, 0x277777L, 0x2745F2L, 0x271443L, 0x26E26AL, 0x26B065L, 0x267E34L, 0x264BD6L,
0x26194AL, 0x25E690L, 0x25B3A7L, 0x25808EL, 0x254D44L, 0x2519C8L, 0x24E619L, 0x24B236L,
0x247E1FL, 0x2449D3L, 0x241550L, 0x23E095L, 0x23ABA2L, 0x237675L, 0x23410EL, 0x230B6AL,
0x22D58AL, 0x229F6BL, 0x22690DL, 0x22326EL, 0x21FB8DL, 0x21C468L, 0x218CFFL, 0x215550L,
0x211D59L, 0x20E519L, 0x20AC8EL, 0x2073B7L, 0x203A92L, 0x20011DL, 0x1FC757L, 0x1F8D3DL,
0x1F52CFL, 0x1F1809L, 0x1EDCEAL, 0x1EA170L, 0x1E6598L, 0x1E2961L, 0x1DECC7L, 0x1DAFC9L,
0x1D7264L, 0x1D3496L, 0x1CF65BL, 0x1CB7B1L, 0x1C7895L, 0x1C3904L, 0x1BF8FAL, 0x1BB874L,
0x1B7770L, 0x1B35E8L, 0x1AF3DAL, 0x1AB141L, 0x1A6E19L, 0x1A2A5EL, 0x19E60BL, 0x19A11BL,
0x195B8AL, 0x191551L, 0x18CE6CL, 0x1886D4L, 0x183E83L, 0x17F573L, 0x17AB9BL, 0x1760F6L,
0x17157BL, 0x16C921L, 0x167BE0L, 0x162DAFL, 0x15DE82L, 0x158E4FL, 0x153D0BL, 0x14EAA8L,
0x14971AL, 0x144251L, 0x13EC3FL, 0x1394D1L, 0x133BF5L, 0x12E198L, 0x1285A2L, 0x1227FBL,
0x11C889L, 0x11672FL, 0x1103CAL, 0x109E37L, 0x10364BL, 0xFCBDAL, 0xF5EAEL, 0xEEE8CL,
0xE7B2DL, 0xE0444L, 0xD8971L, 0xD0A46L, 0xC863FL, 0xBFCBBL, 0xB6CF4L, 0xAD5F0L,
0xA366FL, 0x98CC6L, 0x8D6ADL, 0x810DBL, 0x73642L, 0x63E62L, 0x518A6L, 0x39A39L,

fixed fcos(fixed x)
return _cos_tbl[((x + 0x4000) >> 15) & 0x1FF];

fixed fsin(fixed x)
return _cos_tbl[((x - 0x400000 + 0x4000) >> 15) & 0x1FF];

fixed ftan(fixed x)
return _tan_tbl[((x + 0x4000) >> 15) & 0xFF];

fixed facos(fixed x)
/* equivalent to if((x < -65536) || (x > 65536)) */
if ((fixed)(x - 0x80000000 + 65536) > (fixed)(-0x80000000 + 65536 + 65536)) {
// errno = EDOM;
return 0;

return _acos_tbl[(x + 65536 + 127) >> 8];

fixed fasin(fixed x)
/* equivalent to if((x < -65536) || (x > 65536)) */
if ((fixed)(x - 0x80000000 + 65536) > (fixed)(-0x80000000 + 65536 + 65536)) {
// errno = EDOM;
return 0;

return 0x00400000 - _acos_tbl[(x + 65536 + 127) >> 8];

/* Fixed point inverse tangent. Does a binary search on the tan table. */
fixed fatan(fixed x)
int a, b, c; /* for binary search */
fixed d; /* difference value for search */

if (x >= 0) { /* search the first part of tan table */
a = 0;
b = 127;

} else { /* search the second half instead */
a = 128;
b = 255;

do {
c = (a + b) >> 1;
d = x - _tan_tbl[c];

if (d > 0) {
a = c + 1;

} else {
if (d < 0)
b = c - 1;

} while ((a <= b) && (d));

if (x >= 0)
return ((fixed)c) << 15;

return (-0x00800000L + (((fixed)c) << 15));

/* Like the libc atan2, but for fixed point numbers. */
fixed fatan2(fixed y, fixed x)
fixed r;

if (x == 0) {
if (y == 0) {
// errno = EDOM;
return 0L;

} else {
return ((y < 0) ? -0x00400000L : 0x00400000L);

// errno = 0;
r = fdiv(y,x);

// if (errno) {
// errno = 0;
// return ((y < 0) ? -0x00400000L : 0x00400000L);
// }

r = fatan(r);

if (x >= 0)
return r;

if (y >= 0)
return 0x00800000L + r;

return r - 0x00800000L;

/* this table is used by the fsqrt() function */
static const int16_t sqrt_table[256] = {
0x2D4, 0x103F, 0x16CD, 0x1BDB, 0x201F, 0x23E3, 0x274B, 0x2A6D,
0x2D57, 0x3015, 0x32AC, 0x3524, 0x377F, 0x39C2, 0x3BEE, 0x3E08,
0x400F, 0x4207, 0x43F0, 0x45CC, 0x479C, 0x4960, 0x4B19, 0x4CC9,
0x4E6F, 0x500C, 0x51A2, 0x532F, 0x54B6, 0x5635, 0x57AE, 0x5921,
0x5A8D, 0x5BF4, 0x5D56, 0x5EB3, 0x600A, 0x615D, 0x62AB, 0x63F5,
0x653B, 0x667D, 0x67BA, 0x68F5, 0x6A2B, 0x6B5E, 0x6C8D, 0x6DBA,
0x6EE3, 0x7009, 0x712C, 0x724C, 0x7369, 0x7484, 0x759C, 0x76B1,
0x77C4, 0x78D4, 0x79E2, 0x7AEE, 0x7BF7, 0x7CFE, 0x7E04, 0x7F07,
0x8007, 0x8106, 0x8203, 0x82FF, 0x83F8, 0x84EF, 0x85E5, 0x86D9,
0x87CB, 0x88BB, 0x89AA, 0x8A97, 0x8B83, 0x8C6D, 0x8D56, 0x8E3D,
0x8F22, 0x9007, 0x90E9, 0x91CB, 0x92AB, 0x938A, 0x9467, 0x9543,
0x961E, 0x96F8, 0x97D0, 0x98A8, 0x997E, 0x9A53, 0x9B26, 0x9BF9,
0x9CCA, 0x9D9B, 0x9E6A, 0x9F39, 0xA006, 0xA0D2, 0xA19D, 0xA268,
0xA331, 0xA3F9, 0xA4C1, 0xA587, 0xA64D, 0xA711, 0xA7D5, 0xA898,
0xA95A, 0xAA1B, 0xAADB, 0xAB9A, 0xAC59, 0xAD16, 0xADD3, 0xAE8F,
0xAF4B, 0xB005, 0xB0BF, 0xB178, 0xB230, 0xB2E8, 0xB39F, 0xB455,
0xB50A, 0xB5BF, 0xB673, 0xB726, 0xB7D9, 0xB88A, 0xB93C, 0xB9EC,
0xBA9C, 0xBB4B, 0xBBFA, 0xBCA8, 0xBD55, 0xBE02, 0xBEAE, 0xBF5A,
0xC005, 0xC0AF, 0xC159, 0xC202, 0xC2AB, 0xC353, 0xC3FA, 0xC4A1,
0xC548, 0xC5ED, 0xC693, 0xC737, 0xC7DC, 0xC87F, 0xC923, 0xC9C5,
0xCA67, 0xCB09, 0xCBAA, 0xCC4B, 0xCCEB, 0xCD8B, 0xCE2A, 0xCEC8,
0xCF67, 0xD004, 0xD0A2, 0xD13F, 0xD1DB, 0xD277, 0xD312, 0xD3AD,
0xD448, 0xD4E2, 0xD57C, 0xD615, 0xD6AE, 0xD746, 0xD7DE, 0xD876,
0xD90D, 0xD9A4, 0xDA3A, 0xDAD0, 0xDB66, 0xDBFB, 0xDC90, 0xDD24,
0xDDB8, 0xDE4C, 0xDEDF, 0xDF72, 0xE004, 0xE096, 0xE128, 0xE1B9,
0xE24A, 0xE2DB, 0xE36B, 0xE3FB, 0xE48B, 0xE51A, 0xE5A9, 0xE637,
0xE6C5, 0xE753, 0xE7E1, 0xE86E, 0xE8FB, 0xE987, 0xEA13, 0xEA9F,
0xEB2B, 0xEBB6, 0xEC41, 0xECCB, 0xED55, 0xEDDF, 0xEE69, 0xEEF2,
0xEF7B, 0xF004, 0xF08C, 0xF114, 0xF19C, 0xF223, 0xF2AB, 0xF332,
0xF3B8, 0xF43E, 0xF4C4, 0xF54A, 0xF5D0, 0xF655, 0xF6DA, 0xF75E,
0xF7E3, 0xF867, 0xF8EA, 0xF96E, 0xF9F1, 0xFA74, 0xFAF7, 0xFB79,
0xFBFB, 0xFC7D, 0xFCFF, 0xFD80, 0xFE02, 0xFE82, 0xFF03, 0xFF83

fixed fsqrt(fixed n)
uint32_t i;
fixed s = (n + 65536) >> 1;

for (i = 0; i < 8; i++)
s = (s + fdiv(n, s)) >> 1;

return s;

+ 54
- 0
src/pidctrl.c View File

@@ -0,0 +1,54 @@
* Copyright (C) 03/2008 by Olaf Rempel *
* *
* *
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
* the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License *
* *
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, *
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of *
* GNU General Public License for more details. *
* *
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License *
* along with this program; if not, write to the *
* Free Software Foundation, Inc., *
* 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. *
#include <stdint.h>

#include "pidctrl.h"

int32_t pid_ctrl(struct pid_data *pid, int32_t error)
int32_t out = 0;

if (pid->kp)
out += pid->kp * error;

if (pid->ki) {
pid->err_sum += error;

if (pid->err_sum > pid->err_sum_max)
pid->err_sum = pid->err_sum_max;

if (pid->err_sum < pid->err_sum_min)
pid->err_sum = pid->err_sum_min;

out += pid->ki * pid->ta * pid->err_sum;

if (pid->kd) {
out += pid->kd * (error - pid->err_old) / pid->ta;
pid->err_old = error;

if (out > pid->out_max)
out = pid->out_max;

if (out < pid->out_min)
out = pid->out_min;

return out;