rrd based system stats
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#ifndef _MYSQL_HELPER_H_
#define _MYSQL_HELPER_H_
#include <stdint.h>
struct mysql_stats {
uint64_t bytes_received;
uint64_t bytes_sent;
uint64_t com_delete;
uint64_t com_insert;
uint64_t com_select;
uint64_t com_update;
uint64_t connections;
uint64_t qc_free_blocks;
uint64_t qc_free_memory;
uint64_t qc_hits;
uint64_t qc_inserts;
uint64_t qc_lowmem_prunes;
uint64_t qc_not_cached;
uint64_t qc_queries_in_cache;
uint64_t qc_total_blocks;
uint64_t questions;
uint64_t threads_cached;
uint64_t threads_connected;
uint64_t threads_created;
uint64_t threads_running;
void * init_connection(const char *host, const char *user, const char *pass);
int ping_connection(void *mysql);
int close_connection(void *mysql);
int get_stats(void *mysql, struct mysql_stats *stats);
#endif /* _MYSQL_HELPER_H_ */