A TWI / I2C bootloader for AVR MCUs
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#ifndef _TWIBOOT_H_
#define _TWIBOOT_H_
#include <stdint.h>
struct databuf {
uint32_t size; // allocation size
uint32_t length; // used size
uint8_t data[0];
int dbuf_alloc(struct databuf **dbuf, uint32_t size);
void dbuf_free(struct databuf *dbuf);
int file_getsize(const char *filename, uint32_t *size);
int file_read(const char *filename, struct databuf *dbuf);
int file_write(const char *filename, struct databuf *dbuf);
struct twiboot {
char *device;
uint8_t address;
int fd;
int connected;
char version[16];
uint8_t signature[3];
uint8_t pagesize;
uint16_t flashsize;
uint16_t eepromsize;
void (* progress_cb)(const char *msg, int pos, int max);
char *progress_msg;
int twb_open(struct twiboot *twb);
int twb_close(struct twiboot *twb);
#define DATATYPE_FLASH 0x01
#define DATATYPE_EEPROM 0x02
int twb_read(struct twiboot *twb, struct databuf *dbuf, int memtype);
int twb_verify(struct twiboot *twb, struct databuf *dbuf, int memtype);
int twb_write(struct twiboot *twb, struct databuf *dbuf, int memtype);
#endif /* _TWIBOOT_H_ */