45 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Olaf Rempel 2d9c71bb8b Differentiate twi bus errors and address/data NACKs 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel afd7b92c1f Switch isp/twi mode with progmode commands 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 144016f65d Add twiboot bridge 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel cfef6e9a72 Remove untested devices 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 0dacfd0c7c Split command handler 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 1216082a4f Calculate timer values 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel d1e3e5be08 Do not call statemachine from ISR 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 63b2291931 Move spi/isp handling to own file 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 118eaa091b Move UART handling to own file 11 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 49ffbdb579 Move display functions to own file 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 6a75a0aec3 Move device table to own file 11 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 121d52abe6 Move target specific stuff in own file 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 1fa54cd456 Add LICENSE file 11 months ago
  Olaf Rempel f26732ccfa Use build directory 1 year ago
  Olaf Rempel 88cc3ad2dc Use char type for strings 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel c3f43e7fb3 Show correct signature bytes for unknown devices 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel cb3707d2c0 Fix compiler warning 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel b0e59996cd reduce delays 4 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 5d76525ed4 fix mega8 programming 4 years ago
  Olaf Rempel b3bb5e029c notify user if device not tested yet 4 years ago
  Olaf Rempel f0245a4402 add DL1414 display 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel f13e4f97d5 add untested devices 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel ea3cae90ba cleanup 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel e91782ec65 Autodetect SPI frequency 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 798fa7fbb1 ispprog2: keep ISP_RESET (/SS) as output 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 9f98314832 add new hardware 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 6afa5ccbd7 update Makefile 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 1b9c5ba1ed complete avrdude device list 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel d2557e14bb add mega328p, bail out if device not supported 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 6fd406c3d5 add mega32u4, fix gcc 4.7.x warnings 8 years ago
  Olaf Rempel dd9a4f169e change tabs to spaces 8 years ago
  Olaf Rempel a6a64dbf33 store SPI speed in eeprom 8 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 9205611c5a rewrite 9 years ago
  Olaf Rempel e1c00dc403 cleanup source 12 years ago
  Olaf Rempel b7dc9c9984 added tiny24 12 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 114a0abf6e added mega8 13 years ago
  Olaf Rempel b4b2421fb2 makefile cleanup 13 years ago
  Olaf Rempel a3cb3851e7 added .gitignore 13 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 91e492c0dc added mega32 14 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 465b0926f2 Use Output Compare A for LED blinking 14 years ago
  Olaf Rempel bfd813f22d implement lock & fuse writing 14 years ago
  Olaf Rempel cef12b5a51 fix reset handling 14 years ago
  Olaf Rempel a0f49ed94d fast/slow blinking led 14 years ago
  Olaf Rempel d474cd9ad5 working version 14 years ago
  Olaf Rempel ef10854bbe initial 14 years ago