24 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Olaf Rempel ebe79687f0 Add parameter to stay in bootloader 2 months ago
  Olaf Rempel ce3a80b747 Fix examples 2 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 2ce8578da5 Add atmega32u4 2 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 7d74f62c00 butterfly_prog: Fix serial initalization 6 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 9192149be2 Rename source files 6 months ago
  Olaf Rempel f96b8ffcb9 twiboot: retry write when slave does not acknowledge 6 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 12d3b8a6f7 twiboot: convert indentation to spaces 6 months ago
  Olaf Rempel b73dc89470 Add attiny85 6 months ago
  Olaf Rempel cd34f8c798 Check memsize against filesize before writing 6 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 827b48d769 funkboot: fix unused parameter 6 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 1d39889818 Write complete hex file when deivce is erased 1 year ago
  Olaf Rempel 9d1fdb5c4c prevent division-by-zero in progress bar 1 year ago
  Olaf Rempel c4f55407bc butterfly: limit EEPROM write size 1 year ago
  Olaf Rempel 890158860b butterfly: document chip erase 1 year ago
  Olaf Rempel 9119ee215b Add simple AVR109/butterfly tool 1 year ago
  Olaf Rempel fcbcbcb9af Add trailing zero in version field 1 year ago
  Olaf Rempel 39ac0fb6d0 Working version 2 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 5ab1e36fc7 change indent style.. 4 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 84b8ddd1f5 add funkboot support 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 25e66d9993 refactor program mode selection 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 50574d6f16 add missing newlines in error output 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel f7e7ee0a1a use build directory 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 133dba7940 udev rules for twiboot 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 5c5880142c initial copy from mpmboot 6 years ago