43 Commits (master)

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  Olaf Rempel c5f5a74783 Increment major version 8 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 964c933bf3 Do not rely on Clockstretching for writes 8 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 5bdbb430e7 Fix NACK handling for flash write 8 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 0416a2f536 Cleanup and reduce size 8 months ago
  Olaf Rempel cde9bf0a5b Cleanup command names 8 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 05a4533cd2 Do not repeat check for every chip type 8 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 7e7e50ad84 Calculate timer values 8 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 1ff13ca69e
Fix markdown table on github 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel fc61d39288 Do not use IRQs and remove vector table 11 months ago
  Olaf Rempel b60a0fe735 Simplify ACK handling 11 months ago
  Olaf Rempel eee017dedf Split TWI handling into read/write functions 11 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 1418971648 Remove MCU type from version string 11 months ago
  Olaf Rempel 5ba6367a37 Get signature bytes from system headers 11 months ago
  Olaf Rempel f4ef7a7b1e Update code style 10 months ago
  Olaf Rempel dd4ca2cb33 Merge pull request #2 from jlefley/atmega328p 5 years ago
  Jason Lefley f58adea5d6 fix comment to reflect changes in fuses 5 years ago
  Olaf Rempel bc5d45359a Fix sizeof(VERSION_STRING) 5 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 31d65c76d7 Merge pull request #1 from jlefley/atmega328p 5 years ago
  Jason Lefley 89b3251dde add support for atmega328p 5 years ago
  Olaf Rempel df9fb6c077 move linux tool to own repository 5 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 5e4b562608 update Makefile 6 years ago
  Olaf Rempel ca2a0a99ae replace linux application 8 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 9424e20ea7 add LED macros, bump version 9 years ago
  Olaf Rempel d281696895 add progressbar for dumb terminals 9 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 9da00855c1 some cleanup 9 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 7aa4456607 wait 100ms after application switch 9 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 3acd88c11c add small timeout after exit 10 years ago
  Olaf Rempel b16b660495 fix mega8 interrupt vector switch 10 years ago
  Olaf Rempel a857b3906e fix verify in linux tool 10 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 6244c44e65 add linux tool 10 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 8a98e09c46 corrections 10 years ago
  Olaf Rempel b2c6dc35ce flag eeprom support 10 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 525c2e3701 Merge branch 'mega88' 10 years ago
  Olaf Rempel f73b52bc3c multicpu support 10 years ago
  Olaf Rempel e013aea33c new protocol 10 years ago
  Olaf Rempel b39087eb8e change programmer 11 years ago
  Olaf Rempel a2becf91ad reduce codesize 12 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 997af25bee disable watchdog after reset, reduce size 12 years ago
  Olaf Rempel dbef89dc6e mega88 version 12 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 96a79d970d fixed eeprom handling 12 years ago
  Olaf Rempel b9595cca59 cleanups 13 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 164ef6fefa secure writing with cookie 13 years ago
  Olaf Rempel 914150f707 initial commit 13 years ago